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Female Rapper Glo Rilla Blasted For Having A Small P-ssy Despite Bragging About Having A Fat One

Female Rapper Glo Rilla Blasted For Having A Small P-ssy Despite Bragging About Having A Fat One

The church girl turned rapper Glo Rilla is under fire for her bizarre appearance during a concert and deceit in the size of her private part. She lied y’all!

Rapper Glo Rilla is wildly known for bragging about her huge p-ssy in her rap lyrics. Although bony, Glo Rilla is always describing how fat her p-ssy is and how that is enough to get all the men she wants.

However, she finally revealed the wildly acclaimed fat p-ssy and her fans are disappointed as her p-ssy can be barely seen in the ridiculous attire she wore to perform.

Because of Glo Rilla’s bony stature, fans have always suspected her p-ssy isn’t fat, however, they are still shocked at how the rapper falsely marketed her privates.

Media Take Out Reports;

Female rapper Glo Rilla loves rapping about her female body parts. In a popular freestyle Glo raps that women, “women why their man love my lil ass, it’s because this p**** is fat hoe.”

Well yesterday, during an appearance in Miami, Glo decided to show her fans that she was telling the truth.

The skinny female lyricist wore a very revealing pants, and flexed her “fatty” for the crowd. And the image of Glo is going viral.

While many of her fans are focused on her female parts, others noticed that GloRilla doesn’t seem to have a belly button – which is pretty bizarre.

Glorilla is a rapper from Memphis, Tennessee. She rose to prominence after releasing her 2022 song “F.N.F. (Let’s Go)” (with HitKidd), which is nominated for Best Rap Performance at 65th Annual Grammy Awards. Her single “Tomorrow 2” (featuring Cardi B), reached the top ten on the Billboard Hot 100. She has also collaborated with rappers Latto and JT of City Girls.

Glo is from Memphis, Tennessee. She was home schooled until 5th grade. She started rapping when she was 16. She graduated from Martin Luther King College Prep.

Growing up she was a part of her church’s choir so Woods initially wanted to be a singer, but after losing her voice, she decided to switch to rap. She also considered the stage name “Big Glo”. She is number 8 of 10 children on her mother’s side.

Now that Glo Rilla has been caught lying about her favorite thing to rap about, I’m sure she will give up her rap career. She has nothing to rap about anymore.

Here is Glo Rilla’s ‘thing’:

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