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Fella Makafui Says She’s The Luckiest Wife On Earth For Owning The Number Plate On Medikal’s Benz C300 Car

Medikal Buys Brand New Mercedes Benz For Fella Makafui Ahead Of Their White Wedding

Medikal’s drama queen and wife, Fella Makafui, is on Twitter jubilating over her new Mercedes Benz C300 gifted to her by Medikal ─ even though nothing shows it’s hers.

Common sense should tell Fella Makafui that the car isn’t for her since it’s not registered in her name but she is rather over the moon celebrating what’s not hers on social media.

The Mercedes Benz C300 is for Medikal since it was registered in his name. Fella Makafui can never claim ownership of the car in case there is a split. I’m sure no one has told her this basic law.

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Well, she is in a happy mood for just owning the number plate Fella 20 – 20 on Medikal’s Mercedes Benz C300.

Overly-excited Fella Makafui tweeted; “I am the luckiest wife to have such a wonderful, appreciating, and sweetest husband.You keep surprising me. i’m still in AWE …Thank you and I love you soo much !! God bless you.This Happiness will never leave our home..Forever we go Until the End of Time”.

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Fella Makafui will use her common sense when the reality starts hitting her hard.

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