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Fella Makafui Gives Medikal The Middle Finger Sign As A Response To His Apology

Fella Makafui has responded to Medikal’s apology on her Instagram stories and from her response, things are getting messy if not their usual drama to be in the news.

Fella Makafui posted a photo of an old woman with the middle finger sign and captioned it; “Mood”.

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In another post on her Instagram stories, she wrote; “I Tried”. Is Fella Makafui trying to say that it’s finally over between her and Medikal whom she snatched from Sister Derby?

Medikal’s photos have been wiped off her Instagram page─giving hints that their romantic relationship could be in limbo.

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In the next few days, it’s all going to be about Medikal-Fella Makafui relationship breakup drama.

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