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Fella Makafui Exposed! Her Chats With A Dress Seller Asking If She Has One Of Sister Derby’s Outfits Hit Online

Wear Exclusive Dresses & Shoes If You Don't Want Me To Copy You - Fella Makafui Tells Sister Derby

Fella Makafui should humbly call the beef off because it’s now clear that she has been copying Sister Derby’s fashion style right from day one─even after snatching Medikal from her.

Even after snatching Medikal from Sister Derby, she was sending pictures of Derby in her outfits to dress sellers asking if they had her size of that same dress in stock.

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Fella Makafui claims she hasn’t been copying Sister Derby’s fashion style but this leaked chat between her and a dress seller has exposed her big time and needs to do the needful by admitting that yes indeed, “I’ve been copying Sister Derby’s fashion style”!

In the leaked chat, Fella Makafui posted a photo of Sister Derby in one of her nice dresses and asked the seller if she had the same dress in size 36.

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The beef is finally over, Fella Makafui has been copying Sister Derby’s fashion style and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that─for Fella Makafui to be jumping up and down like a frog trying to prove that there is no truth in what Wanlov said.

Check the screenshot below.

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