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Fashion Guru Victoria Beckham Quash Nose Surgery Rumor And Claims It’s All Good Makeup Contouring

Fashion designer/singer Victoria Beckham says although her nose looks surgery-like, it is completely natural with no plastic or artificial addition.

In fact the 48-year-old says at most, it is her good makeup contour skills that have reshaped her nose. But aside from that, her nose is completely natural. C’mon!

Netizens have over the years discovered changes in the singer’s nose. Beckham even claims her colleagues walk up to her at red carpet events asking that she help with details of her nose doctor. But her doctor is God and God alone.

To make things more believable, Beckham’s friend and make-up artist, Charlotte Tilbury has also added her voice to the ridiculous story, claiming she hasn’t gone under the knife and it has always been makeup.

Via Media Take Out;

Victoria Beckham says that’s her nose and shot down the rumors she’s had at least one nose job.

In the video titled “In Conversation with Victoria Beckham: Beauty Gifting Secrets,” she said: “People have also said that I’ve had a nose job. Never had a nose job. I’ve always had a nose like this. It is the nose trick and that is where I love my Bronzing Brick. Each compact has two different tones so you can use it to contour as well as to bronze.”

Makeup artist and friend, Charlotte Tilbury also stated that she has not had any work done on her nose.

“No, but it’s true. People come up to me and go, ‘Have you had a nose job?’ I’m like, ‘No, I’ve just done my contour trick and it’s bottling all those secrets and tips and tricks that we’ve done on the red carpet for years, photoshoots for years, and giving them to all women around the world.’”

Y’all believe it?

In a generation where plastic surgery is trendy, it is not so bad to see old folks lie or say the truth about their body status.

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