Fantana Reveals How She Became A Musician And Strategies To Stay Relevant In The Ghanaian Music Industry

Fantana performs abysmally at Shatta Wale's Wonder Boy album launch

The Chief Executive Officer of Rufftown Record label, Ricky Nana Agyemang who’s popularly known as Bullet on Monday, June 24, 2019, signed and unveiled female musician Francine Nyanko Koffi also known as Fantana onto his record label.

Fantana happens to be the second female musician signed onto Rufftown Records label after the death of Priscilla Opoku Kwarteng popularly known as Ebony Reigns whose achievements in two years in the music industry cannot be overlooked.

Fantana a few days after her unveiling by Rufftown Records released her first single titled “So What” which has garnered 503,147 views on Google’s video-sharing platform, YouTube after 2 months.

This article looks at some of the interviews Fantana has granted ever since she was signed and unveiled by Rufftown Records label and all the revelations about her personal life in these interviews.

About a week ago, Fantana granted a live Facebook interview to Ghanaian UK-based Blogger, Chris-Vincent Agyapong where she talked about her musical talent, how she was signed and given the name Fantana and her strategies to stay relevant in the male-dominated music industry.

Her interview with Chris-Vincent Agyapong was on the back of news that went viral about her criminal records in the United States of America over a theft case. She explained into details how she was arrested over theft in the United States.

Fantana’s detail of arrest and charge was published by a US-based website and according to the details of her arrest, she was charged with Grand theft.

On the question of how she got herself into the records of West Palm Beach County Police in the United States, Fantana revealed that her crime wasn’t shoplifting as it was reported on the various Ghanaian entertainment blogs.

According to the 22-year-old musician, she was involved in a fight with her roommate in school which as a result of her anger took her bracelet and threw it outside where the bracelet got damaged.

She continued that school authorities put them into two separate rooms where they spent the night together and the next morning, she heard a knock on her door and it was the Police. They revealed to her that her roommate she fought with was pressing charges against her for damaging her bracelet.

Fantana explaining why she was charged with Grand Theft by the Police said that in Florida when you take something which is worth over US$300 but below US$5,000, they consider it as Grand Theft.

She continued that she was detained in a room where she was asked by the Police to write her side of the story and according to her, she spent a maximum of 5 hours in the room where her mugshot was taken as it’s usually done in the United States.

Fantana revealed that the case was dismissed after her lawyer advised her to pay for the bracelet she had destroyed and when that was done, she was asked to return to Florida with her lawyer to go through a laid down process to remove her mugshot but since it wasn’t an important issue to her, she never bothered about it.

On why she came by the name Fantana, she revealed that her boss, Ricky Nana Agyemang also known as Bullet gave her the name Fantana based on the fact that she was called ‘Fanta’ during her childhood days as a result of her strong taste for one of the fruit-flavoured carbonated drink called Fanta hence the stage name Fantana.

According to her, she liked the name Fantana when her boss, Bullet came up with it after revealing to him how she got the name Fanta during her childhood days.

Fantana on why she got into contact with her boss, Bullet, she revealed that it was her labelmate, Wendy Shay who introduced her to him after she expressed interest in becoming a musician.

She then proved herself to Bullet after a few meetings with him and according to her, Bullet liked how she sang and taught him a few technics on how to write her own songs, harmonise them, sing to beats and perform at events.

Fantana continued and revealed that her motive as a musician in Ghana is to empower women with her songs because she feels a lot of women do not believe they can do something great for themselves.

On the widespread notion by music critics that she has come to compete with her labelmate, Wendy Shay, Fantana never bought into the notion that she came to compete to Wendy Shay.

According to Fantana, she takes a lot of inspiration from Wendy Shay and also keeps learning from her since she has been in the music industry for a while and they are hoping to work together to achieve greater things.

One thing Fantana revealed about herself that raised the eyebrows of Ghanaians was when she revealed that she cannot cook.

On the question of whether she wants to trend on social media hence lying that she cannot cook, she responded that she is real and wouldn’t lie about herself just to trend and be in the news. According to her, she cannot cook and that’s the truth.

Fantana continued that even though it’s shameful in the face of the African culture that she cannot cook but she will learn how to cook since she has dreams of settling down with an African man.

Fantana also talked about her relationship status during the Facebook live interview with Chris-Vincent Agyapong.

She disclosed that she is currently not dating because she thinks dating will distract her from focusing on her music career which has started flourishing a few weeks after her unveiling by Rufftown Records.

Fantana on why she moved from the United States of America to Ghana disclosed that she moved because she wanted to be closer to her mother and since she studied Fashion in school, she decided to set up a boutique in Ghana and run it herself.

She also revealed her favourite Ghanaian musician is Darkovibes and also made mention of Shatta Wale who is said to be her cousin.

In ten years time, Fantana wants to become one of the biggest musicians in Africa just like Beyoncé in the United States and she is working seriously towards achieving this dream.