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Fans Worried About Rihanna’s Constant Inclusion Of A$AP Rocky In Her Business As They Claim She’s Being Exploited

A$AP Rocky Considered A Billionaire After Secretly Marrying Rihanna Without A Prenup

Rihanna and her baby daddy A$AP Rocky seem to be in a great relationship, with the billionaire dying to raise A$AP to the spotlight and also make him some more cash. RiRi is enabling this by making A$AP part of all her luxurious brands and also music. While RiRi is doing all this, her fans are suspicious and worried.

According to Rihanna’s fans, she is being exploited by A$AP Rocky. The rumor started when Rihanna incorporated Rocky’s music into her Savage Fenty Show some weeks back. Fans became more worried when Rihanna disclosed A$AP as her Head Designer in her upcoming Super Bowl show.

Because Rihanna has been assaulted both verbally and physically, and also exploited in relationships, fans do not trust her judgment but maintain that Rocky is up to something fishy that Rihanna fails to see.

Via Media Take Out;

ASAP Rocky has been living the high life, ever since knocking up billionaire pop superstar Rihanna. Now he’s about to get a HUGE bag from his babys mother.

Media Take Out has confirmed that Rihanna has made ASAP the “head designer” for all the merchandise that Rihanna will sell at the upcoming Super Bowl. This year Rihanna will perform at the halftime show of the event.

Rihanna recently announced new merchandise for the Super Bowl and her baby mama is listed as a the head designer for the merch.

This is the latest in a series of steps that Rihanna has taken to use her popularity and influence, to get her babys father a check.

Just a few months ago, Media Take Out reported that Rihanna incorporated ASAP’s music into her Savage Fenty show. The show – which was one of the biggest at Fashion Week, cost millions of dollars to produce. And by including ASAP and his music in the event, Rihanna was able to make sure that her babys father received hefty royalty payments and a sizable performance fee.

While we’re pretty sure that ASAP is happy about all the help he’s getting from Rihanna, not all of Rihanna’s fans are. A quick search on Twitter shows that thousands of Rihanna’s most dedicated fans, are worried that he may be using her.

Media Take Out confirmed that some are questioning whether Rihanna is purposely involving him in her business matters to get him paid considering his recent solo music releases and business ventures have mostly been flops.

According to Twitter, Rihanna needs to be rescued from Rocky A$AP before he drains her of all her cash and leaves their kid without a college fee.

This is what Twitter folks are saying:

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