Fans Troll Rich Man’s Daughter, DJ Cuppy, And Advice Her To Hit The Gym Because She’s Out Of Shape

Fans Troll Rich Man's Daughter, DJ Cuppy, And Advice Her To Hit The Gym Because She's Out Of Shape
DJ Cuppy

Billionaire’s daughter, DJ Cuppy, is being trolled on Twitter over some photos she posted on the App. DJ Cuppy was expecting some nice things to be said about her but that never happened.


Rather, trolls, advised her to change her stylist and hit the gym because she’s getting old and out of shape despite being rich with no money problems.

She posted the photos and asked her followers to say something nice about her but the nice things turned into mockery.

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One fan wrote; “Cuppy switch up ur hairdo, go for hairstyles that suits u best such as braids, ponytails, buns or a sleek & straight hairstyle; Also d!tch the pink colour cos it makes u look a b!t o!der, u will slay with shades of black, brown or burgundy. Try h!tting the gym as well. Well-done.”

Another fan also wrote; “Omg how can you be so young wit money and fast fading into an old woman. Change your stylist and hit the gym nau”.

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