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Fans Of Mmebusem aka Ghana Jesus Roast Joselyn Dumas For Speaking Against His Jesus Comedy Skit

Fans Of Mmebusem aka Ghana Jesus Roast Joselyn Dumas For Speaking Against His Jesus Comedy Skit

Ghanaian actress, Joselyn Dumas who thinks Mmebusem aka Ghana Jesus is being blasphemous against the most high God and His son Jesus Christ by mimicking Him in a comedy skit has incurred the wrath of his fans on Instagram.

Josely Dumas commenting on Pastor Brian Amoateng’s Instagram post lambasting Mmebusem for mimicking Jesus Christ in his comedy skit said:

TRENDING NEWS: Joselyn Dumas Blasts Ghana Jesus, Mmebusem Over His Blasphemous Jesus Comedy Skit

“Thank you. We are now condoning blasphemy All in the name of comedy smh”.

Joselyn Dumas’s comment obviously didn’t go down well with Mmebusem’s fans hence descending heavily on her and calling her all sort of names.

Below are some of the replies from Mmebusem’s fans to Joselyn Dumas.

geeondrumz: “aaaaarh mummy u mk i loose gurd u gv u papapapapa….u evr seen the reaal image of jesus anywhr in this wrld..??cmoon … Well i thnk the movie is also blasphemious …. Cos those actor are cmpln to the wrld fr wrshpn their images … Think they are jesus….buh that ws jx a movie…..mummy i luvU soo much….just thnk abou it😘💕”.

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therealasamoah: “u posted a picture with only your Bra on recently.. and lots of your followers commented “dope picture, hot mama’ etc…are condoning prostitution in the name of fashion or civilization?”

khay.02_: “how is this blasphemy”.

sika_baa_cosmetics: “see hypocrisy 🤣🤣🤣 yall should get over it .”

kofifrancis_: “blasphemy is hanging pictures of actors in churches and worshiping/bowing/praying to them thinking that’s Jesus/God. That’s blasphemy. Let this guy be please”.

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