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Fans Appalled After Donald Trump Passionately Kissed Jason Aldean’s Wife Brittany Aldean At NYE Party

Fans Appalled After Donald Trump Passionately Kissed Jason Aldean's Wife Brittany Aldean At NYE Party

Netizens are disgusted by a holiday action by Donald Trump and Jason Aldean‘s wife Brittany Aldean. And according to some social media folks, this is enough to stop listening to Jason Aldean’s songs.

Jason and his wife celebrated Christmas with ex-president Donald Trump. And although Trump never showcased any form of PDA with his wife, he passionately kissed Brittany on the forehead right in the presence of her husband. Sharing the image online, netizens shared their concern, referring to the action as disgusting and out of place.

Via HL;

It wouldn’t be the holidays without some drama! Many people mocked “Got What I Got” singer Jason Aldean, 45, following his wife, Brittany Aldean‘s New Year’s Eve post that pictured Donald Trump, 76, kissing her on the forehead. “A fairy-tale ending to 2022,” the 34-year-old captioned the carousel of snapshots from the celebratory evening. In the post, Jason and his wife posed with the former U.S. president and his wife, Melania Trump, 52. But not all of Brittany’s 2.4 million followers were thrilled with the photos. “Welp this just ruined his music for me…,” one fan commented on the star’s Instagram post.

Many other people took to Twitter as well to react to the shocking kiss. “Isn’t Trump a little too friendly with Jason Aldean’s wife? Eww,” one online sleuth wrote, while another added, “Sorry, but she kinda looks like she knows exactly what she’s doing.” Despite the comments regarding the forehead smooch, another fan was appalled by something else – the table! “Where is the waitstaff? I am more mortified by the sloppy table. That is not a country club table. The staff must hate the guests,” the person hilariously tweeted.

Of course, not all the commentary was negative, as Brittany and her hubby have a die-hard fan base. “A kiss on the forehead by the greatest President, has to be very good luck for an awesome new year !!”, one of the blonde beauty’s Instagram followers wrote. A separate admirer noted that they would be thrilled by a smooch from Trump. “i think i could die happy if trump kissed me on the forehead,” they wrote. Finally, some users disagreed with the Aldean’s choice to spend NYE with the republican TV personality and Melania. “I will always support Jason’s music. How can i not with that voice. But respectfully I do not share the same views as you guys,” the fan commented before adding, “But it doesn’t mean I can’t love his music.”

Brittany’s photos with Trump and Jason come one day after the hitmaker shared a photo of him playing golf with the 76-year-old on Dec. 31, 2022. “Fore……..ty 5! Happy New Year from the great state of Florida,” Jason captioned the snapshot with Trump. Notably, the businessman was wearing his staple red “Make America Great Again” cap that also had the number 45 monogrammed on the side, in reference to his presidency. Once again, Jason’s fans were not pleased by his choice of friends. “Geezus what a disappointing photo,” one follower penned, while another chimed in, “Well that’s one way to get an unfollow.”

Jason and his wife have been married for seven years when the mom-of-two was 27 years old. After they were married for two years they welcomed their first child, Memphis Aldean, 5, and later in 2019, they welcomed their daughter, Navy Rome Williams, 3. The proud momma bear recently took to Instagram on Dec. 24, 2022, to share an adorable snapshot of their two kiddos. “Merry Christmas Eve, everyone! Hope y’all are staying warm out there!”, Brittany captioned the post.

According to some social media folks, Jason allowing Trump to kiss his wife is all the reason they need to ditch his music. Others claim Brittany and Trump’s action is SUS and should be investigated.

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