Family Of Zionfelix’s Second Baby Mama, Erica, Threatens To Deal With Him If He Fails To Marry Her

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Erica Amoah & Zionfelix

Blogger Zionfelix is in a deep sh*t and it seems he’s currently the most confused man living on this planet judging from what’s happening around him concerning his baby mamas.


GC is reporting that the family of Zionfelix’s second baby mama, Erica, are very serious and have threatened to deal with the Blogger if he fails to marry their daughter and marry his first baby mama, Minalyn Lawani.

Erica’s family is strongly behind her and ever ready to stretch Zionfelix if he dares fails to fulfill his marriage promises to their daughter and marry Minalyn.

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While Erica’s family is working behind the scenes to make sure Zionfelix does the needful, Mina, on the other hand, is busily on Instagram posting her baby bump photos as well as photos of her unofficial engagement to the Blogger.

From the quarters of Erica’s family, Zionfelix would be very hot if he fails to walk the talk and chooses to settle with Minalyn over their daughter.

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