Fameye Completely Ignores Prayetietia’s Tag And Comment On A Viral Video Of Him Partying With Wizkid

Fameye Completely Ignores Prayetietia's Tag And Comment On A Viral Video Of Him Partying With Wizkid
Prayetietia, Fameye & Wizkid

Musician Fameye has completely ignored the tag and comment by Prayetietia on a viral video of him partying with Nigerian superstar, Wizkid.


Prayetietia commented on the video on Instagram and claimed to have told Fameye about getting recognized globally very soon and since he’s finally met with Wizkid, he thinks that time has finally come.

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Prayetietia wrote; “@fameye_music you remember what I told you about “the period of global recognition is almost here”? It’s surely manifesting. 🙏🙏🙏”.

Despite Prayetietia tagging Fameye in the comment section, he’s ignored him and probably pretending that he’s not seen the tag and comment.

Well, maybe, he will respond later but for now, it’s a no-reply for Prayetietia. Fameye is probably busy cooking a new banger with Wizkid and has no time to reply to tags and comments.

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