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EXCLUSIVE: Sarkodie Is A Big Liar! He Lied About Buying A Kantanka Car A Year Ago

Sarkodie Is A Big Liar! He Lied About Buying A Kantanka Car A Year Ago

Do you know what happens when the spirit of Pan Africanism possesses someone? He or she starts thinking weird that African leaders haven’t done enough to make Africa great!

Yes, that spirit possessed the boss of Sarkcess Music, Sarkodie, a year ago and made him brag and lie to Ghanaians about ordering a Kantanka car.

It’s been 12 months and there is no Kantanka car in Sarkodie’s garage after all the bragging in a deleted Instagram post in April 2019.

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On April 14, 2019, Sarkodie and his team visited Kantanka Automobile apparently to see what they’ve been doing and why the Ghana Government isn’t supporting them or patronising their products.

Right after the visit, Sarkodie hopped on Instagram, posted a video of their visit to Kantanka Automobile and lied about ordering his first Kantanka car.

He wrote; “My visit to @kantankaautomobile was an eye opener!!! Thanks @kwadwosafo_jnr for the invite … We all hypocrites (myself included) but the good news is, it’s never been our fault it was programmed for us to be like that. But it’s never too late ! We just gotto be aware and wake up!!! The innovative inventions by the Legend Apostle Sarfo Kantanka will blow your mind … I left the place speechless and with a lot of guilt … We producing all these in my country but we not too proud to support it but would kill to give BMW the license to operate and dominate Our territory! It’s just a matter of time👊🏾 Africa is blessed!! Please go on the net , read and watch all about “Kantanka” Anyways I just ordered my first Kantanka Automobile 😊 … #blackexcellence #SCMobile”.

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Smart Sarkodie knowing very well that he lied to Ghanaians about ordering a Kantanka car, cleared every sh!t on his Instagram page on July 13, 2019, leaving just a single photo on there.

Sarkodie then restored his Instagram page back and to my shock, that particular post which he lied about ordering a Kantanka car had vanished and nowhere to be found on his page.

Sarkodie was smart but it was too late for him because the screenshot of that post had already landed our my email.

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Sarkodie who claimed that Ghanaians are hypocrites for not patronising Kantanka automobile couldn’t walk the talk by buying one for himself? Interesting! Perhaps, Shatta Wale is right for saying Sarkodie has been living a fake lifestyle to impress his fans.

Sarkodie should do the honourable thing by explaining to Ghanaians why the Kantanka car he claimed to have ordered hasn’t been delivered after 12 months.

Or Kantanka automobile has been busy for the past 12 months manufacturing a customised Lamborghini Urus for him? Kindly check on his Instagram page to see if you’ll find that particular post.

Below is the screenshot of Sarkodie’s lies…

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