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EXCLUSIVE: Joyce Blessing Is Breaking Up With Her Husband Because She’s Madly In love And Allegedly Bonking A Gym Instructor

Joyce Blessing's Marriage With Husband, Dave Joy, Has Reportedly Ended On Rocks

The reported news of Gospel musician, Joyce Blessing’s marriage on the verge of collapse has got nothing to do with any upcoming album or project──because according to a source close to both Joyce and husband, Dave Joy, they’re breaking up for real unless Jesus Christ descends from heaven and step in!

According to the source, Joyce Blessing right in front of her husband and a few others told him in the face that she’s tired of their love and doesn’t love him again despite many years of being together and bringing forth three adorable children.

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The above is Joyce Blessing’s reason for asking for a divorce from her husband but shockingly, the source alleged that Joyce Blessing is leaving her marriage because she has found love in the eyes of a gym instructor.

This is shocking! A married woman with three kids has found love in the eyes of a gym instructor and wants to break up her home? That’s absurd but since love is blind, anything is bound to happen──especially when it has to do with a female Ghanaian gospel musician.

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Whatever this gym instructor has fed Joyce Blessing’s system with is really and really working on her.

The source also disclosed that Dave Joy for the sake of their children has been pleading and convincing Joyce Blessing to stay but from the look of things, she has already made up her mind──and doesn’t seem to rescind her decision.

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Remember in one of Zionfelix’s interview with Dave Joy’s friend Nana Romeo, he disclosed that Dave opened up to him that Joyce Blessing has been cheating on him with another man and it seems this man in question is Mr Gym Instructor with muscles──if indeed the allegations by the close source is anything to go by.

We at are hoping that Joyce Blessing and Dave Joy settle their indifference and continue with their marriage──because a mother of three breaking her marriage to follow a gym instructor wouldn’t yield any fruit but rather misery and tears in the end!

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