EXCLUSIVE: Gender Of Delay’s Baby & Secret Marriage To A Half-caste REVEALED

Gender Of Delay's Baby & Secret Marriage To A Half-caste REVEALED
Deloris Frimpong Manso

One of the few things I admire about Deloris Frimpong Manso popularly known as Delay is her ability to shut her parrot mouth up and never talk about all the good things that happen in her life──she keeps everything very private!


Delay, smart and cunning as she is, won’t announce on Instagram that God has blessed her with a child at age 37 but here is the full gist about Delay’s childbirth and secret marriage to a half-caste in the United States.

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In a piece of exclusive information available to TheGossipScoop.com, Delay gave birth to an adorable baby girl in December 2019──and the good news is that she didn’t give birth out of wedlock or give birth to a bastard!

Tight-lipped sources around Deloris Frimpong Manso have confirmed to TheGossipScoop.com that she is currently married to a half-caste dude in the United States──and the secret marriage ceremony was held in the United States in 2019.

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TheGossipScoop.com can confirm that Delay at age 37 is now happily married to a half-caste in the United States of America.

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This is why I’ve always maintained that Delay is smart and cunning just like the serpent in the Garden of Eden.

Delay actually used Ghanaian footballer, Richmond Boakye Yiadom, who we are told is her best friend to blindfold everyone including the media from getting clues about her relationship with her then-boyfriend and now half-caste husband.

Somewhere in 2018, a supposed video of Delay and Richmond Boakye Yiadom having fun went viral──where the majority concluded that they were dating but that wasn’t the case, it was all planned up!

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Boakye Yiadom is Delay’s best friend and he is one of the 2-3 people around Delay aware of her childbirth and secret marriage to a half-caste in the US.

Congratulations to Delay and her half-caste husband for secretly tying the knot and welcoming their first child.

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