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Ex-president Mahama’s Rich Son, Sharaf Mahama Threatens To Sue Ghanaian Bloggers

Sharaf Mahama flaunts his beautiful girlfriend on Instagram

So ex-president John Mahama’s rich son, Sharaf Mahama through his personal Influencer, @GhHyper1 has threatened to sue Yen─an online news portal.

Why this frivolous lawsuit? Apparently, Sharaf Mahama is not happy about Bloggers publishing photos of himself and beautiful girlfriend having fun.

TRENDING NEWS: Check Out Photos And Video Of Ex-president Mahama’s Rich Son, Sharaf Mahama And Pretty Girlfriend

The photos are all over social media and on a bunch of entertainment blogs and obviously, Sharaf Mahama wants all the photos off social media and on blogs which is not possible.

His Influencer in an Instagram post threatened Yen with a bogus lawsuit on the heels of claims that they know nothing about Sharaf Mahama’s relationship with the lady in the photos.

To me, the viral photos are an indication that Sharaf Mahama and the lady have something deep under their sleeves─unless he wants to tell us that the lady is his sister or they are just in friends with benefits kind of relationship.

Check the screenshot below.

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