Emmanuel Adebayor Dumps His Beautiful Namibian Girlfriend, Dilish Mathews

Adebayor dumps Namibian girlfriend, Dilish Mathews
Adebayor & Dilish Mathews

Instagram interactions between Footballer, Emmanuel Adebayor and fans indicate that he has dumped his beautiful Namibian girlfriend, Dilish Mathews.


Emmanuel Adebayor who was asked when he was visiting Namibia quickly responded that he has absolutely nothing doing there for him to visit the country.

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Adebayor’s answer has raised the eyebrows of Instagram folks with the majority jumping into conclusion that their romantic affair has ended on rocks.

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Celebritiesbuzz says that the lovebirds have unfollowed each on Instagram which points to the fact that they have gone their separate ways.

On September 16, 2019, Adebayor celebrated Dilish Mathews on her birthday with touching and lovely message and it’s surprising to hear him say he has nothing doing her country.

A check by Thegossipscoop.com indicates that Adebayor still has photos of Dilish Mathews on his Instagram page, well, maybe his comments have nothing in connection with their relationship.

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