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Emelia Brobbey Slept With Shatta Wale – Magluv Insists Despite Apologizing To Her

VIDEO: Magluv Disgracefully Apologizes To Emelia Brobbey For Claiming That She Slept With Shatta Wale

Magluv still insists that Shatta Wale banged Emelia Brobbey despite apologizing to her in a video on Instagram after lawyers of the actress chased her with a “retract and apologize” notice.

According to Magluv on her Instagram Stories, she has apologized but the truth of the matter is that Shatta Wale once slept with Emelia Brobbey.

Magluv says she respects the law and not Emelia Brobbey that’s why she apologized. She apologized over fears of being dragged to court.

But if you’ve got evidence why should you be scared and apologize? She’s obviously a coward without a cl*t. Check her post below…