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Eliza Du Toil

Who is Eliza Du Toil?

Eliza Du Toil is a UK-based South African actress popularly known for playing the character of the Izzy Davies television series which spanned four years.

Today we are going to look into her early life, how she began her career, and her personal life.

Full Name: Elize de toit
Date of birth: 21st February 1980
Occupation: Actress
Husband: Rafa Spall
Kids: Three
Nationality: British/South African

The early life of Eliza du toil

Born in a province of South Africa to an artist mother and a dentist father, she grew up under the strict care and guidance of her parents before migrating to the UK.

She had both her high school and tertiary education there specializing in history and languages. As an ambitious student, she was part of the school drama club and mostly appeared on stage.

The career of Eliza Du Toil

She made her first television appearance in Hollyoaks where she played the character of Izzy Davies and she qualified for that role after an audition.

She shot four seasons before finally exiting to pursue other career projects. It gave her huge exposure and she was cast in movies such as the Devil’s Chair and the series the Line Of Beauty.

She was also cast in the British series Coronation Street which she played the character of Jenny, an ex-lover of Matt Carter.

Personal life of Eliza Du Toil

She is married to colleague actor Rafa spall best known for the movie Jurassic Park movie and are blessed with three kids.

The net worth of Eliza Du Toil

Presently with a net worth of $10 million, she is regarded as one of the highest-paid actresses with very high-grossing movies.0

Her character in movies is always a top-notch

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