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Elikem Kumordzie’s Day Job Aside Acting Has Been Revealed And It’s Not Tailoring As He Claims

Elikem Kumordzie's Day Job Aside Acting Has Been Revealed And It's Not Tailoring As He Claims

Actor and celebrity tailor, Elikem Kumordzie is still in the news and receiving severe backlashes over his “get a day job” advice to his colleagues in the wake of Kofi Adjorlolo’s rants that some Ghanaian movie producers have refused to pay him for his roles in their movies.

The likes of Juliet Ibrahim, James Gardiner, Gloria Sarfo and others have descended heavily on him over his “get a day job” advice of which he also replied subtly tagging them as “chaff”.

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Elikem Kumordzie claims his day job is tailoring and it’s paying all his bills, putting food on his table and even bragged about building a house from his tailoring job.

In a back and forth argument on Instagram over Elikem Kumordzie’s “get a day job” advice to actors and actresses, one Instagram user has alleged that Elikem’s day job is never tailoring as he claims.

According to her, @jackieliebedelle, Elikem allegedly goes around sleeping with old women for money and that’s his day job.

@jackieliebedelle wrote; “Stop deceiving yourself Elikem you go around sleeping with old women and get paid and you call that a second job !! Shut up !!! Ad3n aa wo y3 tailor well you tailor old women toto kwasia”.

TRENDING NEWS: Elikem Kumordzie Subtly Says Juliet Ibrahim, Gloria Sarfo, James Gardiner & Others Chastising Him Are Chaff

This is nothing new because Elikem Kumordzie has admitted a couple of times that he sleeps with old women and even recently, he made a comment that old women are sweeter than young ladies.

Perhaps, Elikem Kumordzie’s third stream of income is sleeping with old women since his second job is tailoring.

Elikem Kumordzie is allegedly getting paid for sleeping with old women, tailoring and then acting. Dude has 3 jobs!

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