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Elikem Kumordzie Might’ve Rented Or Borrowed The Mercedes G-Wagon Brabus He Flaunted On Instagram For A Photoshoot

Elikem Kumordzie Might've Rented Or Borrowed The Mercedes G-Wagon Brabus He Flaunted On Instagram For A Photoshoot

Celebrity Tailor, Elikem Kumordzie on April 23, 2020, flaunted an expensive G-Wagon Brabus with a customised number plate, “THE TAILOR-20” on Instagram and made news with it on various entertainment blogs.

But from our little checks, Elikem Kumordzie might have borrowed or rented the G-Wagon Brabus probably for a photoshoot to market his ridiculously expensive facemasks.

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Now seven days ago, Elikem Kumordize and Salma Mumin who are probably talking to jump into each other’s pants went on a ride with another expensive sports car and to our shock, Elikem’s customised number plate “THE TAILOR-20” was seen at the back seat of Salma’s sports car──which could also be a borrowed or rented car.

The same customised number plate on the G-Wagon Brabus Elikem Kumordzie flaunted for likes and comments was now seen at the back seat of the sports car Salma was cruising around with.

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It could be that Elikem Kumordzie purposely got that customised number plate so that he could use it on rented or borrowed cars for his photoshoots.

Elikem Kumordzie after making headlines with the G-Wagon Brabus never coughed about whether it’s for him or not──he kept quiet and pretended it’s his but from our checks, it’s either he borrowed or rented it for a photoshoot.

Fake it until it becomes real!

Watch the video below…

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