Efia Odo Says Her Mum Was Just Joking About Her “Find A Papa No And Stop Sending Me Coins” Video

VIDEO: Efia Odo's Mom Is A Certified Bad Mother - Asks Efia To Find A Sugar Daddy And Stop Sending Her 'Coins'
Efia Odo & mom

Efia Odo who wasn’t forced to post that video of her mum advising her to find a “Papa No” to take care of her and stop sending her ‘coins’ on social media now claims her mum was just joking.

Efia Odo is on Twitter attacking people and blogs for reporting exactly what her mum said in the video.

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The truth is that her mum gave her very bad advice in that video and it’s obvious Efia would open her legs for one “Papa No” pestering her for a relationship.

Efia Odo reacting to the reports and headlines running on various blogs tweeted that her mum was just joking.

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She wrote; “It was a fuckn joke. My mother and I joke around all the time. Fuck is wrong with y’all? Check her Ig page, you’ll see all the comedy skits we do. Not every African parent is uptight”.