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Efia Odo Goes All BLUE And I’m Crushing On Her

Efia Odo Goes All BLUE And I'm Crushing On Her

Efia Odo has gone all blue and I’m crushing on her! She might have done some nasty sh*t in the past for which I didn’t like her for, like associating herself with bad influence, Shatta Wale, and his SM gang but that was her choice and I respect that.

I’ve not seen her in real life before but those who have seen her in town, say she is prettier than how she looks in her photos on social media so it’s my wish to meet her one day and experience her beauty myself.

In a new photo she posted on Twitter, Efia Odo styled herself up in a blue dress and gush, she looks stunning! Also, she covered up her flesh this time around.

Efia Odo’s caption on her photo reads; “I bleed blue, but I ain’t a Crip though”. Check the photo out…