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Easter Sunday Showtimes

Easter Sunday Showtimes is a funny movie about a comedian striving hard in the face of difficulty to achieve greatness. He then goes on a holiday visit to the abode of an abnormal Filipino-based American family who happens to be his son’s matrilineal family member.

The movie features several known characters such as American stand-up comedian Joseph Glen Herbert and also Japan-American-based comedian Jimmy yang.

Today we will focus on Easter Sunday showtimes:

Easter Sunday showtimes Plot

The movie talks about a single father called Joe Valencia striving hard to succeed in his acting and comedy career. He then finally gets his first big audition that would push his career to the highest pinnacle, but when the producer learns of his nationality of being Filipino they perceive negative thoughts about him.

The long audition makes him unable to attend the school gathering of his son Junior, to show his regrets he volunteers to take his son to his matrilineal home during the Easter celebration. Upon reaching there Joe gets to know of a secret of his son’s cousin Eugene blowing funds meant for establishing a business.

Eugene then takes money from a notorious guy Dev to replace the lost funds and also gives Manny Pacquiao’s boxing gloves to a rich man in exchange for money.

Joe goes on an excursion at the mall with the kids but bumps into Junior’s crush Tala who is an employee under the notorious guy whom Eugene took a loan from. The notorious man Dev kicks them out of the mall and they fell at the mercy of a businessman who is into the selling of chains and rings and agrees to buy the Pacman gloves.

Dev then kidnaps junior at the end but his father rescues him by assaulting Dev and police are called to the scene. Joe then blacks out after realizing the producer who vowed to help has in his possession his video chat. At the hospital, the producer told Joe he wants to shoot a movie about the life story of him and his family which he agrees to.


  • Joy Koy as Valencia the struggling comedian and actor
  • jimmy yang as Marvin
  • Tia Carrere as Tita Theresa
  • Eugene Cordero as Eugene
  • Brandon Wardell as Junior
  • Eva Noblezada as Tala

Easter Sunday showtime release

The movie was shot in 2021 and released in August 2022. It was able to pull multitudes at the cinemas and enough money was made from it.

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