Drug Lord, Pablo Escobar’s Son, Juan Pablo Escobar Invites Medikal To Colombia For A Business Meeting

Drug Lord, Pablo Escobar's Son, Juan Pablo Invites Medikal To Colombia For A Business Meeting
Juan Pablo & Medikal

Juan Pablo Escobar, the son of the notorious Colombian drug lord, Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria, has reached out and invited Ghanaian rapper, Medikal to Colombia──apparently, for a business meeting.

Excited Medikal after talking to Juan Pablo Escobar announced the good news on his Twitter handle.

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Medikal tweeted; “Just got off the phone with Pablo Escobar’s son, I so can’t wait to go to Colombia”.

A fan who doubted Medikal’s tweet compelled him to share screenshot of his conversations with Juan Pablo Escobar indicating that he will meet him in Colombia soon.

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According to Pulse; “It’s, however, not known how the two became connected and how long they have been conversing but what is known is that Medikal has a special treatment from, Juan Escobar, who now goes by the official name Juan Sebastián Marroquín Santos, a new name he chose in his bid to distance himself from his father’s crimes and any illegal activity.”

Check out the screenshots below…