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Drama Queen, Chrisean Rock, Claims Her Boyfriend, Blueface, Struck Her In The Face Multiple Times For Texting Another Man

Revenge Tape! Chrisean Rock Posts S** Tape With Blueface On Instagram After Accusing Him Of Cheating

Chrisean Rock is officially a drama queen—and I think Kanye West should collaborate with her since they all got a lot of things in common. Rock is in a toxic relationship with Blueface and from all indications, she loves being in that relationship.

I think she’s still in there because that sh-tty relationship always gets her in the headlines and the trends. How is it difficult to leave a toxic relationship?

Last night, Chrisean Rock jumped onto Instagram live and claimed that Blueface had struck her in the face multiple times after he found out that she’s been texting another man.

Well, I expect her to report it to the cops since it’s a domestic violence case but as usual, she won’t all because she enjoys the clouts and makes headlines with this toxic relationship.

Via TJB:

According to reports, reality TV star Chrisean Rock is claiming that rapper Blueface struck her in the face multiple times over text messages he found in her phone. In recently shared video footage, Chrisean Rock can be seen on camera crying as she tells her side of the scary situation. In part, She says.

“This is a busted lip, busted nose…I’m just texting a boy, that’s it [and] this b-tch a** n*gga go beat me up? What the f***!”

She continues,

“He go pull me back just to hit me in my mouth…[he’s] to comfortable keep hitting me in my mouth. [He’s] too comfortable to keep hitting me in my face.”

When someone off camera says “I hope ya’ll work this out, man” the ‘Vibe’ artist replies,

“No, I got a black eye and a busted nose, and a busted lip because I wanted to get out of the car.”

She adds,

“He pulled me back just to hit me in my nose and my mouth.”

In another part of the video, Blueface can be heard off camera seemingly calling Chrisean Rock suicidal for attempting to “jump out the window.” She replies,

“So what, If I want to get away from you [then] let me get away from you! Don’t pull me closer so you can hit me in my mouth.” 

This isn’t the first time that the controversial couple has made headlines for physically abusing each other. Back in August Chrisean was arrested for punching Blueface in the face at a bar in Arizona, only weeks after the couple was involved in a physical altercation in Hollywood.

The next time, Blueface will strike her in the face and that will be her end! And of course, it will be all over the media and tabloids.

Here are videos of Chrisean Rock letting everyone know that Blueface assaulted her for the 1004th time:

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