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Dr Obengfo’s Client, Actress Nana Frema, Is Depressed & Contemplating Suicide Over Her Enhanced Body

Dr Obengfo's Client, Actress Nana Frema, Is Depressed & Contemplating Suicide Over Her Body

One of Dr Obengfo’s clients, actress Rosette Nana Frema Koranteng popularly known as Nana Frema is obviously depressed and contemplating suicide all because she isn’t finding her surgically enhanced body attractive anymore.

After spending millions of Cedis to get such a figure, Nana Frema who seems to be depressed says she feels too fat and ugly to be loved, liked and to even be alive.

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Apparently, Nana Frema isn’t happy with her enhanced body after going through hell and wasting money at Dr Obengfo’s hospital for such a body.

Is it that Nana Frema isn’t getting ‘clients’ anymore unlike Moesha Buduong, Salma Mumin, Princess Shyngle and others who fly in and out of Ghana on monthly basis or she is just not happy about the outcome of her body enhancement surgery?

This is the same lady who once said she is very proud to have such a fake body so what happened?

On Nana Frema’s Instagram page, she posted; “I feel like i’m too fat to be loved. To be liked. To even be alive”.

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One of her kind, Moesha Buduong after reading her post commented; “No way 😍😍😍I admire you soo much ❤️❤️”.

Mzbel also added; “Herh dont let me come and slap u over there! Fat really? Ah hun, the soul inside u is pure and beautiful, the body is just a costume to play a role in this movie called life! I hope this post is just a joke lol ah u paa what have u been drinking 🤣🤣 I think u are high than the most high 🤣”.

Nana Frema has deleted all her photos and videos from her Instagram page leaving just two.

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