Dr Lawrence Tetteh Heals A Mad Man With His Clothes

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Reverend Lawrence Tetteh

The Founder of Worldwide Miracle Outreach, Dr. Lawrence Tetteh, has disclosed that a mad man recently got healed by wearing his clothes.

According to Dr. Lawrence Tetteh, he gifted the mad man a shirt and trouser which later cured him of his madness. Here is what the man of God said;

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 “There was a mad man standing around the Achimota Overhead who stopped my car and showered praises on me and told me: ‘This morning, I really gave a mad man a good beating’. That’s the mad man telling me he had beaten another mad man who was defacing my crusade posters.

He didn’t think he was a mad man. So, after verifying the mad man’s story from some waakye sellers and people in the area, I gave him GHS20 and he threatened to kill the other mad man if he saw him defacing the posters again. He also showered a lot of appellations on me after gifting him the money.

So, I left for my mother-in-law’s and while returning, I saw the same mad man standing with his clenched fists protecting my posters. So, I stopped again and gifted him one of my shirts and a pair of shoes. This happened on a Thursday.

When the man came, I realised he was wearing my attire and my shoes. ‘I know these shoes and attire; so, what is it?’ He [mad man] said: ‘I was the mad man you met on Thursday; when I put on your clothes, I became healed”.