Dr. Kwaku Oteng’s Estranged 4th Wife, Akua GMB, Brags That She Started And Built Angel TV At Age 24 All By Herself

Name Of Young & Energetic Man With A Long 'D' Allegedly Bonking Dr Kwaku Oteng's 4th Wife, Akua GMB Revealed
Akua GMB & Husband

In Ghana when people win not-so-relevant awards, they start bragging and saying things they’ve never done just to grab attention and headlines and this is the case of Dr. Kwaku Oteng’s estranged 4th wife, Sally Akua Amoakowaa Mensah aka Akua GMB.

Akua GMB patting herself at the back for winning a not-so-important award (Most Outstanding Female in Media Production and Management) at the Feminine Ghana Achievement Awards 2020 organized by a certain Groupe Jay N Jay ended up bragging about starting and building Angel TV at age 24 all by herself.

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That’s her vote of thanks for winning that award but she quickly deleted the long post from her Instagram page and it could be that Dr. Kwaku Oteng called to remind her that Angel TV doesn’t belong to her as her post suggested.

Is Akua GMB who has reportedly been kicked out of Angel TV over her alleged promiscuous lifestyle telling us that Dr. Kwaku Oteng has willed Angel TV to her? Or she is trying to tell us that she owns Angel TV?

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Well, since she has deleted the post, we presume she never understood the meaning of what she wrote. For the record, Angel TV is the property of Dr. Kwaku Oteng.

Below is a screenshot of her deleted Instagram post…