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Donald Trump Trolls Elon Musk On His Truth App Saying He Won’t Be Returning To Failing Twitter Until Elon Calls Him “Daddy”

Donald Trump Trolls Elon Musk On His Truth App Saying He Won't Be Returning To Failing Twitter Until Elon Calls Him "Daddy"

This is a clash between two powerful people who are not supposed to own social media Apps but own them anyway. While Elon Musk is struggling to make Twitter free for users, abuse-free, and also make his millions back: Donald Trump is having fun on his Truth App after he was kicked out of Twitter. Because Twitter kicking Trump off made him buy his Truth App, it appears he has no intentions of returning to Elon’s compound house unless Elon bows down to him.

Presently. Elon Musk has turned Twitter into the hell house that Trump will enjoy but he says he doesn’t need it anymore. Well, Trump has a condition: unless Elon calls him “daddy”. Trump on Truth mocked Elon after he reinstates him on Twitter and claimed Elon needs him to save his ‘failing Twitter.’


Elon has been struggling to make Twitter worth the $44 billion he spent buying it by sacking all employees and also losing all sensible Twitter users. Twitter has become chaotic, with users impersonating others including Elon Musk, and rampantly abusing other users in the name of free speech.

One person who has been looking forward to this day when Twitter will be unguided is Donald Trump but not when he has his platform to promote, Elon will have to do more than reinstate him, simply call him “daddy”.


Donald Trump says Elon Musk is obsessed, and it is true. Elon needs him in that hell more than ever.

Via Vlad;

Elon Musk recently went out of his way to reinstate Donald Trump’s Twitter account, and Trump responded by noting he isn’t planning to leave his own platform. Now, Trump has gone into detail about what would make him return to Twitter, calling out Elon Musk. 

In a screenshot that surfaced from his Truth Social app, Trump said, “Elon rolled out the red carpet and is begging me to return to the failing Twitter, but Truth is special!” 

Trump continued, “Elon thinks about me noon and night because he needs me more than I need him. He craves Trump so much he can taste it. It’s fun to watch him grovel at my feet! Hey Elon, I’ll come back when you call me daddy!!” Take a look above. 

Looking at how chaotic Twitter has become, Elon needs Trump on Twitter more than he needs himself. So he should go ahead and call him “daddy,” a minor sacrifice to get the savior (Trump) to save the dying platform.


Perhaps Elon will keep his ego intact and wait till Trump resumes using Twitter when the election is nearing.


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