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Doja Cat Files Police Report Against Chat Room Hoodlum Who Threatened To Kill Her

Doja Cat Accused Of Doing Drugs During A Live Chat Room Conversation

Doja Cat has used chat rooms to interact with her fans and has also gotten into some trouble with her fans. The singer has behaved weirdly in many chat room conversations and recently she was caught sniffing cocaine live.

Presently, Doja Cat is not the one pulling the weird pluck but one of her uncut fans. Cat in a recent chat room came across this hoodlum whose behavior was terrible to tolerate so she opted to kick the unknown hoodlum from the chat room.

However, the said man came back and threatened that he would catch and kill her. Of course, that is threatening so Doja filed a police report against the unknown killer.

Via XXL Mag;

According to a TMZ report, published on Friday (Dec. 30), Doja Cat filed a police report after receiving a death threat in a private chat room.

A rep for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department confirmed to XXL that a police report was taken for criminal threats on Thursday (Dec. 29). The LACSD added that it is still an active investigation and could not provide additional information on the matter.

According to TMZ, Doja was in a private chat with some fans when an unnamed man started getting “weird,” and the XXL Awards-winning rapper decided to kick the person out.

The rogue admirer, who lives outside of California, apparently didn’t like getting booted out of her chat, so he allegedly returned to the room and threatened to kill the Planet Her creator. He reportedly said he would see Doja Cat “soon” and take her life.

Every week there’s bad news about Doja Cat and her chat room activities, she must love this sh-t a lot to still be joining and organizing chat room convos.

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