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DL Hughley Pokes Fun At Kanye West Over $200K Child Support In Divorce Settlement With Kim Kardashian

DL Hughley Pokes Fun At Kanye West Over $200K Child Support In Divorce Settlement With Kim Kardashian

DL Hughley has rekindled his fuss with Kanye West and mocked him on his divorce settlement with Kim Kardashian.

DL referenced Ye’s Gold Digger song which accurately predicted his predicament presently. Hughley stressed the lyrics in the song that seek men to get a prenup after Ye’s $200K monthly child support in the divorce settlement.

The actor/comedian DL and Ye have been beefing with each other for years. Back in March, Kanye ridiculed DL’s outfit and got banned from Instagram for 24 hours.

DL waited for about eight months to clap back, and a perfect opportunity presented itself, so he used Ye’s own lyrics to josh him. Damn! I am impressed.

But Ye had a prenup though.

Vlad Reports;

DL Hughley hasn’t hidden his disdain and displeasure with Kany West over the course of his downward sprial dating back to the MAGA hat days. 

Most recently, however, DL came for Ye on Instagram mocking the Chicago native over the terms of his divorce settlement with ex-wife Kim Kardashian. As many have seen, Ye has been ordered to give up his house in the settlement in addition to paying Kim $200,000 a month in child support. 

Hughley reposted a picture of the headline along with the caption which were lyrics from Ye’s smash hit “Gold Digger.” 

Hughley wrote, “When (your) life imitates (your) art… YIKES “If you ain’t no punk holla, “We want prenup” “We want prenup!”, yeah It’s something that you need to have ‘Cause when she leave yo’ ass she gone leave with half…”

I’m not sure Ye can not keep track of his enemies presently, they are quite a number, and DL is adding to the list again.

Kanye West is currently fighting Balenciaga, Adidas, the Jewish community, some black people, and his best friend Donald Trump. DL has to wait till after 2024 to get his response because Ye has presidential stuff to deal with at the moment.

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