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DJ Akademiks Slams Ashanti Over S-x For Songs Story

DJ Akademiks Slams Ashanti Over S-x For Songs Story

DJ Akademiks is worried about why Ashanti will be protecting the pedophile producer who asked her to have a shower s-x in exchange for her two songs when that unknown pervert is probably abusing other young artists for shoddy works.

AK says Ashanti should name the man responsible for the act and set the young ones probably suffering from him free. Ashanti has an upcoming documentary, although she didn’t promise to name and shame the pervert, but let’s hope she does.

Via Media Take Out;

DJ Akademiks called out Ashanti for telling a story from her past about a producer who tried to get her to sleep with him for a track but never released his name.

Ak says she should name him to protect other women who may have to work with him.

“I wish she revealed the name. Ashanti, you’ve been in the industry for 20 years now, just say the name. Just say the f-cking name. I don’t think you do any service to any other woman who might work with this n-gga later,” she said.

He continued, “They’re probably over there sucking c-ck for a beat and the beat don’t even turn out to be nothing. If some sh-t like that happened and you’re trying to speak about it on the interview for awareness, why not just say the n-gga name?”

Ashanti claimed the unnamed producer told her he wanted to take a shower with her otherwise she would have to pay $40,000 for a beat. She says she only worked with him twice.

Hollywood is a wild industry with vile stories and if a 42-year-old woman is still unable to publicly name and shame an abuser just imagine the hell the young ones are going through. What is the essence of bringing up the story if you can’t name the perpetrators?

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