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DJ Akademiks Reveals Top Female Rapper Slept With Tekashie 6ix9ine For $40K

Tekashi 6ix9ine Shares Instagram Videos Of Himself Holding A Ton Of Cash And Included His Address In The Bizarre Post

DJ Akademiks is out again with his inside rumors. According to the controversial blogger, he bet on an A-list rapper that she will never stoop so low to f*** Tekashie 6ix9ine. Shockingly, 6ix9ine came back days after and showed him videos of the said lady going dirty on him for a fee of $40K.

Although Akademiks did not mention names, he hinted that the said rapper is top-notch, and she also dated a prominent male rapper. Based on that info, the internet narrowed its research to Saweetie and Latto. These two female rappers are all over the place, and they were rumored of dating Quavo and 21 Savage respectively. One of them must be our culprit.

Via Media Take Out;

The internet is burning up today, after popular blogger Akademiks made some explosive allegations regarding one of the most popular female rappers in the world.

Media Take Out confirmed that Akademiks is telling his fans that there is a “lit female rapper” – who sold her body to Tekashi 6ix9ine for $40,000. And he gave a hint on who that female rapper was. Akademiks described the female rapper as one who dated an “extremely lit male rapper.”

While he could be talking about anyone, fans all across social media are speculating that the woman that Akademiks is talking about is either Saweetie (who dated Quavo) or Latto (who is dating 21 Savage).

Here are the details, according to the blogger. Akademiks says that Tekashi 6ix9ine asked him if he thinks he can bag the lit female rapper, and Akademiks told him no because he believed that the female rapper was “above” Tekashi.

The two friends argued for weeks about the issue, and Akademiks kept telling 6ix9ine that he had no chance with this woman – and that she’d never entertain someone like him.

A couple of months later, Media Take Out learned, Tekashi 6ix9ine allegedly showed Akademiks a video of the “lit female” doing all types of explicit acts to him.

According to Tekashi, he paid her 40k to “smash.” Akademiks told his fans that he was extremely shocked at at the female rapper.

At least, the said lady did not sleep with 6ix9ine for some cheap publicity, she took almost half a million. Sleeping with 69 must cost more than that though: that dude is a piece of sh-t.

Meanwhile, Akademiks should mention the lady’s name if he is really on this sh-ts.

Here is a clip of DJ Akademiks spilling sh-t out:

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