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Diddy’s Two Girlfriends Yung Miami And Gina Huynh Are Trashing Each Other Amid His New Baby With Dana Tran

Diddy's Two Girlfriends Yung Miami And Gina Huynh Are Trashing Each Other Amid His New Baby With Dana Tran

Diddy continues to boff whoever he wants while his numerous girlfriends especially Yung Miami keep fighting the others claiming she holds a better spot than them.

Diddy’s new baby brought about lots of clashes with Yung Miami in the center of all since she claims she is better than all the other wh-res.

Gina Huynh, another self-acclaimed high-ranking girlfriend of Diddy took to Instagram to troll Miami after Diddy announced his new baby with another woman. Gina says Miami has been fighting her over Diddy just for him to go impregnate another lady.

Caresha’s best friend TJ took to the same platform and alleged that Diddy forced Gina to abort her pregnancy so she has no right to drag Miami over the ongoing drama. Damn! B-tches indeed be crazy!

Via Media Take Out;

Diddy’s two highest ranking girlfriends – female rapper Yung Miami and socialite Gina Huynh got into a dust up on Instagram yesterday.

It all started, when Gina took to IG to rub it in Yung Miami’s face that he got another Asian woman pregnant. Gina and Yung Miami have gone back and forth on social media before, as both women have been vying for the billionaire mogul’s attention.

“When she beefin with you over a [ninja emoji] but whole time he got somebody else pregnant,” Gina captioned a video in which she smirked at the video while putting on make-up with the song “Ok Cool” by Ceo Trail playing in the background. 

“You doing all this extra sh*t,” Gina lip-syncs. She captioned the video, “City Girls down 1000.”

Shortly after the post, Yung Miami’s best friend JT – also from the City Girls responded, and fired a few shots on her bestie’s behalf. JT alluded to the fact that Gina admitted that Diddy pressured her into having an abortion.

Maybe Diddy should learn from Drake and make NDA compulsory for his wh-res before they spit dirty and drag his reputation in the muddy waters.

Here is all the drama:

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