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‘Delusional’ DaBaby Brags That He Is On The Same Level With Eminem, Kendrick Lamar And J. Cole

'Delusional' DaBaby Brags That He Is On The Same Level With Eminem, Kendrick Lamar And J. Cole

Rap fans all over the world are livid, including me. DaBaby on ‘My Expert Opinion‘ claims he is on par with Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and J Cole, dude seems delusional with this vain bragging.

DaBaby also opened up about why he does not involve his f***ery in his music.

A lot of crap happening around DaBaby, like his baby mama using child support money for plastic surgery and many others.

A lot marvel at why DaBaby doesn’t involve his negative stories in his music. DaBaby says he does not want to exploit his negativities for money. He would have triumphed in that, but good choice.

Via Vlad:

DaBaby recently appeared on ‘My Expert Opinion’ and talked about his rap style. He noted that he doesn’t like rapping about negative parts of his life, saying he doesn’t want to exploit it. He did note that if that were his thing, he would be one of the greatest. 

While speaking to Math Hoffa, DaBaby said, “If I don’t feel like you know nothing about this s**t, I’m not about to try and exploit my real life anyways, I’m just doing me.” He continued speaking about the music business and how he creates music that serves what fans like at the moment. While doing that, he made comparisons to artists who have gained massive success in the music industry.

Dababy said, “Ok you can put this beat on and I’ll go Eminem level on that b***h, you gotta get one of them to come f**k with me. You gotta go get Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, I don’t wanna disrespect nobody but boy, raise your hand.” He continued saying, “I’m like that. N***as know too and I’m like that for real I don’t gotta talk about nobody else story. I’ll talk about me.” Watch above.

Ever since the dude became a millionaire, it’s been one silly talk after the other. DaBaby comfortably talking about how he is on the same level as Eminem, Lamar, and J Cole, in terms of music indicates how fanciful y’all become after you make money. Dude, just focus on your craft!

DaBaby on ‘My Expert Opinion’:

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