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Delay’s Secret Marriage To A Half-caste Dude In The United States Has Probably Ended On Rocks

HURRAY! Delay's Baby Girl Whom She's Hiding Is 1 Year Old

Deloris Frimpong Manso aka Delay has made a post on Twitter—and if she is serious about that tweet, then we can confidently say her that secret half-caste husband in the United States has dumped her!

Don’t be deceived! Delay is secretly married to a half-caste dude in the United States and they have a baby girl together.

From her recent tweet, it’s either she has been dumped or just having fun with her post on Twitter. Delay posted a photo of herself with the caption; “Somebody’s son go find me one day”.

Delay has already been found by someone’s son so what’s she talking about? Or her secret marriage to the half-caste dude has ended on rocks?

This tweet is probably one of her usual jokes on social media to bag engagement. Can someone ask Delay when she’s showing off her daughter and her half-caste husband?

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