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Delay Had A Sleepless Night Because A Fan Told Her She’s Nothing Without A Husband

Gender Of Delay's Baby & Secret Marriage To A Half-caste REVEALED

So last night at 1:00 am as I was roaming on Instagram, I came across a post by loudmouth Deloris Frimpong Manso aka Delay and from her post, she was unable to catch some sleep because a fan told her she’s nothing without a husband!

Delay couldn’t wait to post and bash the fan in the morning because she was pissed off as a result of the fan’s annoying comment and then had to reply with a long post.

Some social media comments can actually cause one to have a sleepless night and that’s what happened to Delay last night.

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She promised to post pictures of this male fan on her Instagram page probably to shame him for punching her in the face with such a distasteful comment.

Apparently, this fan hasn’t heard that Delay is now a mother and wife to one half-caste dude in the United States of America—the current hub of Coronavirus!

These are some of the annoying comments fans will be throwing at you once you decide to hide your baby and husband from the public eye—as a celebrity.

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Delay is still hiding her baby girl and husband from her fans on the back of a possible reason that she gave birth with someone’s husband.

Until Delay is bold enough to tell Ghanaians that she’s married and has a baby girl, these are some of the butt-kicking comments that’ll be thrown at her by fans on social media.

Delay on her Instagram page wrote;

“I grew up hearing people tell me over and over that I was nothing.
I had to fight my whole life to prove to myself that I am something. I swallow a lot of things, but I don’t take such trash. I couldn’t go to bed without putting this out here. I’ve had ENOUGH of their rubbish!”

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