Dangote’s Ex-girlfriend, Autumn Spikes, ‘Thrown Out’ Of Her U.S. Apartment For Owing 6 Months Rent

Another Side-chick Of Dangote Pops Up And Posts A Video Of Him With His Butts Showing
Another alleged side-chick of Dangote

Aliko Dangote’s ex-girlfriend, Autumn Spikes, who went public with their failed relationship and disgraced him with a video showing his b*tts has been evicted from her North Miami apartment in Florida, U.S., after piling up unpaid rent for six months in 2020.

In court documents obtained by Premium Times, “Ms Spikes was grappling with accumulated rent arrears of $13,230 for the months of March to August 2020”.

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The landlord’s complaint in the eviction suit reads in part,

“Plaintiff owns or is the lessor of the real property, the premises:

The Shoreline at SoleMia, 2301 Laguna Circle Apt 1708, North Miami, FL 33181.

“Tenant retains possession of the premises under a written lease requiring rent of $2,215.00 per month to be paid the first of each month.

“A copy of relevant portions of the lease is attached hereto and incorporated herein as plaintiff’s Exhibit A.

“Tenant failed to pay rent for March, April, May, June, July and August.

“Tenant owes plaintiff rent the months stated in paragraph 6 herein in the total sum of $13,230.00”.

“Plaintiff served tenant notice to pay or vacate the premises on August 5, 2020 as shown by copy or copies of the notice(s) attached here to and incorporated herein as plaintiff’s Exhibit (s) B, but tenant refuses to do either.”

“In accordance with Fla. Stat. (Florida Statutes) Section 83.60(2), if tenant fails to deposit the sum of $13,230.00 in the court registry, plus rent which accrued during the pendency of this action, then plaintiff is entitled to a default judgment for removal of tenant and to recover a judgment for rent due and owing costs in accordance with Fla. Stat. Sections 83.59 and 83.625.”

“Failure of tenant to pay rent as due caused plaintiff to retain undersigned counsel and incur reasonable attorney’s fees and costs, which tenant should pay pursuant to Flat. Stat. Sec 83.48 and the lease.”

“Wherefore, plaintiff demands judgment for possession of the premises, rent, due, court costs and attorney’s fees against the defendant and other available remedies in accordance with Fla. Stat. Section 83.625 and for such other relief this court deems just and proper”.

Autumn Spikes parked out of the apartment on or before October 30, 2020.