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Dallas Cowboys Fans Think Dak Prescott And Kylie Jenner’s New Ambassadorial Deal Is Nothing But Bad Luck On His Career

Dallas Cowboys Fans Think Dak Prescott And Kylie Jenner's New Ambassadorial Deal Is Nothing But Bad Luck On His Career

Aside from attention-seeking, posing n-ked on social media, Dallas Cowboys Football League fans think, the Kardashians are cursed as well hence any brand that associates with them suffers the sequel as well. And they aren’t f***ing around with the trolls but pleading with Dak Prescott to reconsider his deal with Kylie Jenner.

Kylie Jenner and Dak Prescott are the new couples signed as ambassadors for the Glow Sparkling Water. However, fans are not feeling the sparkles but are calling Prescott to stay away from anything Kardashians for some geoduck. According to the Cowboys fans, the deal is nothing but a tragedy awaiting their team, and want Prescott to do away with anything Kardashian for the team’s success. And we are awed! The Kardashians are a lot of things but cursed?

Via Total Pro Sports:

Kylie Jenner & Dak Prescott together? Trouble is ahead, at least for the Dallas Cowboys quarterback.

Being the QB of the Dallas Cowboys means Dak Prescott is one of the most recognizable faces in the entire NFL. His production on the field will be scrutinized more than anybody else just because he plays for America’s Team.

Because of the eyes on him, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback is reportedly teaming up with Kylie Jenner in the sparkling water market. According to TMZ Sports, Prescott and Jenner are now stakeholders in a new drink venture called Glow Beverages. The two will also be brand ambassadors.

“It’s the GLOW for me. I’m excited to join the @drinkglow team,” said Jenner on Instagram.

“I’ve always been interested in the water and functional beverage category. My ambassadorship with GLOW is exciting as it allows me to support a product that is revolutionizing the industry. In the past, sparkling waters have lacked enhancements and functional waters have lacked carbonation.”

“GLOW is an incredible functional drink that tastes amazing,” Prescott echoed in a separate Instagram post. “I’m proud to be an ambassador of the brand and an equity stakeholder as well. Let’s GLOW!”

Once this news was announced, NFL went crazy thinking Dak Prescott just cursed himself by aligning himself with the most jinxed family in existence.

Hello, Dallas Cowboys fans, in what way are you scr-wed? Aren’t you overreacting, or the Kardashians are really damned?

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