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DaBaby’s First Baby Mama MeMe Uses Her Kid’s Child Support Cash For Plastic Surgery

DaBaby's First Baby Mama MeMe Uses Her Kid's Child Support Cash For Plastic Surgery

If Instagram wh-res lifestyles surprise you, then brace yourself for the worst. DaBaby’s baby mama Meme has used the $10K child support from the rapper to his kid and stepson for plastic surgery. Shamelessly, she shared the procedure on her Instagram for her followers to share in her stupidity.

Meme took the recent $10K from his baby daddy as child support to get herself a big b-tt through BBL and also liposuction. The silliness from these famewh-res is rampant and it is not funny anymore!


Meme is using the money meant for her kids’ upkeep on the plastic body so she can sl-t around and have another baby. The next minute, she will be on social media dragging DaBaby about child support because no one even attends his show anymore for him to keep paying that amount every damn month.

Via Media Take Out;


Rapper DaBaby’s first baby’s mother Meme decided to spend her latest child support check at the plastic surgeon’s office, Media Take Out has learned.

DaBaby has reportedly been paying Meme $10,000 per month to maintain a good lifestyle for herself and their 5 year old daughter. Well, Meme decided to drop a portion of that on some new surgery, Media Take Out has confirmed.

And Meme is pretty proud of the surgery, which she claims will restore her body to what it looked like before she gave birth. But she’s also getting a few upgrades.

According to Meme, she got liposuction, and liposculpture, along with a BBL. And she posted some of the procedure on her Instagram page.

DaBaby and Meme split in 2020, when Meme learned that the rapper got another woman pregnant, Media Take Out confirmed.

When first confronted with the cheating allegations and the alleged side baby, DaBaby wrote on IG, “As a parent, I would never want to set that example for my child. I would never want my child to ever be able to look back and see that. I would never even invite y’all into my child’s world.”

However, months later, DaBaby then admitted in another video that him and Meme were not together when his second child was conceived.

“When my new-coming blessing was conceived, me and shawty was not together, shawty was not with me, living with me, was not f**king with me in any way, shape, or form,” he said.

“We wasn’t together at the time so don’t be fooled. The information that y’all was given today was information that has been out there. It was just kept off the internet as it should have been.”

I don’t feel bad for DaBaby, sorry, these rappers choose not to be cautious with life partners, maybe they will learn someday, but sadly, it is at the expense of these kids.


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