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DaBaby Shuts Trolls Up With Bunch Of Cars Following “Buy One Get One Free” Ticket Sales Humiliation

DaBaby Shuts Trolls Up With Bunch Of Cars Following "Buy One Get One Free" Ticket Sales Humiliation

So why are y’all not buying DaBaby‘s tickets? The dude is selling two tickets for the price of one and y’all still won’t buy them?

DaBaby is being mocked online for a possible failed career as the rapper is having the lowest point of his career. Social media folks claim the 30-year-old’s upcoming Alabama show tickets are being sold for as low as $22.

Interestingly, for that price, you got to come along with a friend. So two people buy a ticket for the price of one and upon all this, the rapper is likely not to fill the 1,300-capacity space. And while Twitter is busily trolling the rapper, he appears unfazed, at least on social media.

DaBaby says he grew his career from grown-up so he is grateful for all the luxurious lifestyle he got because of his music. He displayed four cars to prove his point with some dramatic acting.

Via Media Take Out;

DaBaby has responded after news surfaced that tickets were being sold “two for one” for his upcoming Alabama show.

The tickets are selling for $22 with a $5.92 fee, with two tickets available for the price of one. The venue holds just 1,300 people but the tickets are not selling.

Fans began clowning him online. The rapper posted a video, reacting to the tweets.

“They think I lost it, n-gga. Me and Boston just went stupid in this bitch. We just went so stupid. They think I lost it. Boston, they think I lost it,” he says.

Weeks back, a New Orleans show was canceled because the rapper failed to sell the tickets needed. But DaBaby’s team claimed it was canceled because of an issue with the promoter.

“DaBaby’s New Orleans show was pulled by the artist’s team due to the promoter being in breach of contract,” MAC Agency founder Andrew Lieber said. “DaBaby will be back in New Orleans very soon to make it up to his fans.”

Y’all got the dude lying to protect a failed show? Damn! Kanye West and his rival Drake are not the only ones having a tough time in recent times.

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