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‘Cunning’ Delay Sadly Denies Her Newborn Baby & Secret Husband; Claims She’s Single & Unmarried

Exclusive: Hallelujah! Delay Finally Welcomes Her First Child At Age 37

If you are thinking that Deloris Frimpong Manso aka Delay──the woman who has pushed a lot of celebrities to the wall during interviews for them to say things they were unwilling to reveal on television will just get up and announce her secret marriage, pregnancy and childbirth on Instagram as most celebrities do, then you are just an insane fan.

Delay, after news broke about her secret marriage, pregnancy and childbirth, has denied her newborn baby and secret husband to her fans and followers on Instagram with cryptic posts──just like Yvonne Nelson lied and swore Heaven & earth when news about her pregnancy went viral.

TRENDING EXCLUSIVE: Delay’s Godfather Confirms Her Secret Marriage, Pregnancy & Childbirth In His Church

Delay has once again openly denied getting married secretly to a half-caste man in the United States in a fresh Instagram post after TheGossipScoop’s publication that her godfather confirmed her secret marriage and childbirth in church.

Delay in this Instagram post claims she is single, unmarried and building her empire.

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Delay’s post is just to throw dust into the eyes of her fans and followers and blind their minds about the news of her secret marriage and childbirth.

It’s obvious that Delay is not ready to announce to her fans and followers about her marriage and newborn baby for a possible reason that her haters might dig deep and fish out her half-caste husband as she has been doing to others.

Cunning Delay is tight-lipped on this whole secret marriage and childbirth brouhaha.

Check out the screenshot below.

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