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COVID-19: Based On Journalist Gary Al-Smith’s Brutal Analysis, President Akufo Addo Will Lock Down The Country Again

President Akufo-Addo's Coronavirus Test Result Finally Out

As you know, I’ve made it my business to seriously follow Coronavirus news, just so that I can be informed, to make better decisions for myself and loved ones.

In doing so, I have gone through the journey with you.

Today, a doctor I respect a lot prompted me to watch last night’s edition of my senior colleague, Bernard Avle’s, evening program.

So, I did.

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I was saddened by the revelations. And I’d like to share them with you.

Main guest was the newly sworn Deputy Health Minister, and by the time the show was done, he was forced to admit to something very serious.

Under severe questioning from the host and his other two guests – Prof Agyeman Badu Akosa, and Dr Jehu-Appiah – the deputy health minister essentially admitted that government has not entirely been honest to Ghanaians.

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The issue started when Prof Akosa raised suspicions about the veracity of the official COVID-19 cases. This was based on what he said was mathematics that did not tally.

First flag: Noguchi’s capacity is 1,000 tests per day and KCCR’s is, maximum, 200. Total: 1,200.

1,200 tests per day will give us 25,200 tests in 21 days. Note that the government says test results from other centers aren’t ready yet.

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Even if you added a few days more of testing for sheege reasons, the question is:

Did we really test 68,591 in 21 days as the government says?

At this point Dr. Okoe-Boye was a bit hot.

He admitted, in the end, that the data provided by the Ghana Health Service only represents tests done, rather than discrete individuals tested.

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In very basic mathematical terms, he says government partly based their lockdown decisions on:

X/total number of tests

Instead of

X/number of discrete individuals.

Still don’t get it? Let me break it down.

If I initially test negative for COVID-19, depending on what group I fall in, I will have to go through another test before I am cleared. After that, the Ghana Health Service must still count me as only one person tested.

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Agreed? Good.

But now we are being told is that in calculating Ghana’s infection/incidence rate, some people who tested negative twice are being counted as TWO separate, individually tested people. Instead of one.

And some people who first tested positive, and then tested negative twice before being discharged, have been counted as THREE separate, individual people.

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Pause. Read what I just wrote again.

I can see you are getting it now.

So what does this mean?

1. The President says we are doing better than any African nation based on the above mentioned data. Now that the deputy health minister has admitted that we have adjusted the figures, it means the President is not accurate.

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2. All decisions made based on this data, therefore, are flawed. The President says his team’s decision to lift the lockdown is based on science.

Based on what we have just heard from the deputy health minister, the science was wrong.

3. Millions of people are out there now, feeling assured that our aggressive contact tracing and testing has ensured we don’t need a lockdown. The truth, actually, is that we have more infected people walking around than we think.

4. As I said in my video on Sunday, it was quite clear, even without hearing the deputy health minister, that the lockdown lifted was not based on empirical data, but on economic considerations.

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– Was the President misled?
– Did he know that the figures he gave Ghanaians were not accurate?
– Now that we know (and the government also knows we know), how’ll they rectify this serious error that will surely lead to more infections and deaths?


If you have read this, and understand, you will agree with me that the government will lock us down again, sooner than later. They will do that, if they can admit that the science, indeed, is not correct.

Be prepared.

By Journalist Gary Al-Smith.

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