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COVID-19: Actress Omotola Reveals Her Husband Almost Fell Off The Bed After She Sneezed

COVID-19: Omotola Reveals Her Husband Almost Fell Off Bed After She Sneezed

Nigerian actress, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, popularly known as Omo Sexy has shared a funny experience of what’s happened in her bedroom in the lockdown period with her husband.

Coronavirus is scaring everyone in the world to death and the least symptoms someone shows, people around get scared and start isolating from the fellow.

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According to Omotola, her husband, Captain Matthew Ekeinde, almost fell off the bed after she sneezed.

Apparently, Omotola’s sneeze got him scared and panicking as sneezing happens to be one of the symptoms of coronavirus.

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Omotola hopped on Instagram and shared the funny lockdown experience with her fans and followers.

The beautiful actress wrote; “Just small sneeze and this Capt almost fell off the bed! After this quarantine…I’m not doing again. Fake love”.

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