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Counsellor Lutherodt’s S*x Tape With A Young Lady Hits Online?

Counsellor Lutherodt's S*x Tape With A Young Lady Goes Viral?

If this young lady’s claim that she’s got a s*x video of the controversial counsellor is anything to be taken seriously, then in the few days to come, marriage and relationship counsellor, George Lutherodt‘s s*x tape would be out there on the internet.

According to this young lady, she has a video of counsellor Lutherodt banging another lady who probably came to her with her marital or relationship issues.

Counsellor Lutherodt sits on television to make noise, trash people’s relationships and marriages but if things go wrong, his s*x tape would be out there soon for people to also discuss and drag him.

Read the message from the young lady below…

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