Coronavirus Pandemic Has Taught Us A Priceless Lesson That We Do Not Need 50 Guests At A Marriage Ceremony To Make It Successful

Couple Gets Married With Just One Guest
Married couple

Despite Coronavirus killing over 400,000 people worldwide, rendering many people jobless and depriving us of many good things we used to enjoy during the pre-coronavirus era, it has also taught us many priceless life lessons.

One of the life lessons coronavirus pandemic has taught us is that a couple do not need 50 guests at their marriage ceremony to make it successful and even with the 50 guests, a few couple who married in the wake of coronavirus pandemic cut the number to either 5 or 8 guests including the officiating Minister.

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Coronavirus has caused havoc in the world but it has also taught us how to how to do complex things the simplest way.

Last week Sunday, a very good friend of mine sent me an invitation card to his marriage ceremony—and in as much as I was happy to hear the good news, I was also thinking about how to get myself to the venue on the said date as I’ve taken a decision to lock myself down until December.

My friend told me I shouldn’t worry about how to get there and where I’ll sleep as he’s making provisions for my coming—and on top, one fine lady to entertain me. Yes, we are naughty like that!

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Just when I was about to agree to his juicy invitation offer, I saw a Zoom ID and password on the invitation card and then I asked him about the Zoom credentials on the card.

He said it’s for those who wouldn’t be able to join them at the venue and then I asked if I could choose the Zoom option since I’m locked down until December.

Even though the ceremony is a perfect opportunity for us to catch up and then talk about a lot of things—since it’s been a few years we saw each other.

On a second thought, we both agreed looking at how Ghana’s coronavirus cases keep increasing on a daily basis.

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This makes a lot of sense! Why travel 100s of kilometres when you can actually join the marriage ceremony via Zoom and save yourself from a possible coronavirus infection?

The Zoom option is saving us cost of transportation, hotel, food and other stuff.

On July 4, 2020, I will dress up and in the comfort of my room, witness my friend’s marriage ceremony via Zoom—all thanks to coronavirus pandemic and technology.

Congratulations, Daniel!