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Controversial Gay Jeffree Star Reveals He Dated An A-List Illuminati Rapper

Controversial Gay Jeffree Star Reveals He Dated An A-List Illuminati Rapper

According to controversial LGBTQ+ activist Jeffree Star, he dated an A-list hip hop artist, but he is scared to mention his name because he is Illuminati and will kill him if he does.

Before we all concluded on Jay-Z, Jeffree clarified that he is not the said Hip Hop star. Jay-Z has been constantly accused of being Illuminati, so he is the first to come to everyone’s mind.

After squashing the Jay-Z notion, Jeffree says Hip Hop artists turned out to be more adventurous and also dangerous because of their Illuminati affiliations, so he mostly goes for athletes, who he claims are safer.

Media Take Out Reports;

Controversial gay Instagram influencer Jeffree Star is spilling tea on the world of hip hop. According to the influencer, he’s been secretly hooking up with one of the top hip hop stars in the world, Media Take Out has learned.

Jeffree refused to name his alleged former lover – but he did provide his fans with a hint, saying the downlow hip hop artist has Grammys and was Jeffree’s “dream hookup.”

Jeffree also claims that he’s afraid to say more, because the rapper is “in the Illuminati,” Media Take Out heard. The illuminati is a secret society of powerful people – who control the world, and ruthlessly punish those who try and expose their dastardly plans.

While Jeffree wouldn’t name the rapper, he did say that the rapper was NOT Jay Z, a popular rapper who has long been rumored to be affiliated with the illuminati.

Jeffree ended the video saying that he prefers to date NFL players. According to Jeffree, football players are “safer,” and that dating hip hop artists is “dangerous” and “weird.” He added that rappers are in to “everything” and they’re freaks.

Who could this Hip Hop star be if not Jay-Z? Y’all crazy folks stop making claims if you can’t mentions names.

Here is Jeffree Star throwing trash out there:

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