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Confirmed! Amber Rose’s 32-Year-Old Cheating Ex-boyfriend Alexander Edwards Is Dating 76-Year-Old Ace Singer Cher For Her Money

Confirmed! Amber Rose's 32-Year-Old Cheating Ex-boyfriend Alexander Edwards Is Dating 76-Year-Old Ace Singer Cher For Her Money

Okay, when is Cher‘s kid gonna speak against this before AE drains their mother of both her life and cash?

And the rumors between the grandma and his ‘grandson boyfriend’ romantic relationship have been confirmed. Alexander Edwards is f—ing 76-year-old Cher for her money! And I’m terrified! What if? I’m no pessimist but damn I can’t help but imagine a heart attack during s-x.

The two keep showing up at events and engaging in shameless PDAs. Alexander Edwards was dumped by his ex-girlfriend Amber Rose after he constantly cheated with different women. And to our surprise, Alexander Edwards is out to s—k the life out of this iconic singer with s-x and get some inheritance.

This woman’s youngest child is 46 years and this makes this relationship creepy as f***. After Craig’s appearance, the pair also appeared together at Paris Fashion Week. AE and Cher were caught on camera leaving a nightclub in Los Angeles together and heading back to Cher’s Malibu mansion.

A nightclub? She should be having some sleep! Grandma’s used to look out for our well beings, what happened to y’all?

Via Media Take Out;

Amber Rose’s babys father Alexander “AE” Edwards, is dating a 76 year old woman … legendary pop icon Cher.

Media Take Out confirmed that the Moonstruck star, 76, and the music producer, 36, stepped out at the popular West Hollywood restaurant on Wednesday, November 2, walking hand-in-hand and smiling happily at each other.

The pair were both clad in all-black ensembles, with Cher rocking a cut-out leather top underneath an open black blazer with matching dark pants, while Edwards wore a long, leather button-down and a knee-length peacoat. He grinned widely at the legendary musician while clutching her hand, which he kissed once the two were in the car on their way out.

At Craig’s, the two joined pal Tyga for the night. While the three might be an unexpected trio, Cher and the “Stimulated” rapper, 32, also spent time together at Paris Fashion Week in September.

And yesterday, paparazzi caught the two of them leaving a Los Angeles nightclub, Media Take Out has learned, and headed back to Cher’s Malibu mansion.

I am creeped out! What do you make of this relationship?

Here are pictures of AE and his grandma lover Cher:

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