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Comedian Makes Mockery Of Kobe Bryant’s Death; Says It ‘Was A Good Story’ Because He ‘Got Away With Rape’

Comedian Makes Mockery Of Kobe Bryant's Death; Says It 'Was A Good Story' Because He 'Got Away With Rape'

Whilst everyone is still in shock and mourning NBA star, Kobe Bryant, who died in a gory helicopter crash with his 13-year-old daughter, Gianni and 7 others, one comedian named, Ari Shaffir has gone to the extreme by making a mockery of Kobe’s tragic death.

Ari Shaffir tweeted a video saying;

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“Kobe Bryant died 23 years too late today. He got away with rape because all the Hollywood liberals who attack comedy enjoy rooting for the Lakers more than they dislike rape. Big ups to the hero who forgot to gas up his chopper. I hate the Lakers. What a great day”.

Ari Shaffir posted another video saying; “Kobe’s death was a “good story” because “the guy got away with rape.” Shaffir deleted it, but the damage was done”.

TMZ reports that Ari Shaffir after making a mockery of Kobe Bryant’s death has received death threats.

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According to TMZ sources, “someone called threatening to shoot up the place because a comedian scheduled to perform there made a vile joke about Kobe. We’re told the caller didn’t mention Shaffir by name, but it’s no secret — he DID stir anger just hours after Kobe’s death”.

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